Ride to Work Day

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For Immediate Release
June 5, 2020

29th Annual Ride to Work Day

BROOKLYN, NY- Ride to Work Day is on June 15th, 2020 and highlights the benefits of the daily use of scooters and motorcycles. Annual Ride to Work Day promotes safe riding habits and encourages a break from automobiles and subway cars, and to take a ride to work instead. This year especially, riding to work is a viable option of transportation because it is a way to maintain social distancing. Worldwide, Ride to Work Day advocates for two-wheeled vehicles as an efficient means of transportation and its other positive values.

The New York City Motorcycle Safety Study found that less than 1% of commuters traveled by motorcycle, despite the benefits that come along with it. Compared to automobiles, motorcyclists have a reduced commute time of 22% and spend less recourses per mile. Motorcycle Safety School utilizes Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) curriculum for rider education to offer motorcycle licensing as a transportation alternative during this time of social distancing. This includes the MSF Basic RiderCourse for new or returning riders and the Basic RiderCourse 2 – License Waiver for experienced riders.

Motorcycle Safety School is offering a free Motorcycling 101 course to any interested publication that would like to experience motorcycling first-hand. To redeem this offer, please contact Victoria Catalano at (718) 599 -1079 or at [email protected].