Driver License Requirement

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYS DMV) requires that all students possess a car Driver License in order to take the Basic RiderCourse or BRC2- License Wavier Course.

If you are planning to get a Driver’s License, MSS recommends securing that endorsement first. After you possess a Driver’s License, then, come to our course to learn how to ride a motorcycle and test for the DMV Road Test Waiver. The fast track to get your motorcycle license!

If you never plan to secure a Driver’s License, you can learn how to ride a motorcycle with private lessons at Motorcycle Safety School, and then take the DMV Motorcycle Road Test. It is required to take either a five-hour pre-licensing course or a driver education course before you can make the DMV motorcycle road test appointment.

Students who possess a car driver’s license from outside of New York State are welcome to take our course for educational purposes. However, the student is responsible to confirm the state that issued the driver license will accept the New York State waiver card. Motorcycle Safety School is only providing the motorcycle education.


If you possess an international driver license, you are able to learn how to ride a motorcycle in our courses. However, the NYS DMV will not provide an M endorsement unless you have a New York State Driver’s License! Motorcycle Safety School is only providing the motorcycle education.

All underage Junior Operators are welcome to take any of our courses except for the experienced Basic RiderCourse 2 – License Waiver Course. The DMV does not approve this experienced course for junior operators All Junior Operator license holders must email the office a copy of a notarized waiver signed by their parent prior one week prior to the course start date. Please call our office in advance with any questions at 718-599-1079.

DMV Locations
Be prepared before you go! Confirm the hours and address or schedule a time for the motorcycle permit test!