MSF Basic RiderCourse 2 – License Waiver

Do you already know how to ride? Are you comfortable making tight turns, circles, figure 8's, and U-turns? Do you have at least 30 hours of practice on a motorcycle of which at least 10 hours are in medium to high volume traffic? If the answer is yes, take this experienced course to get on the FAST TRACK to your motorcycle license!

This 1-day course is designed for experienced riders to practice low-speed maneuvering while also improving their swerving, braking and cornering techniques. After practicing and refining these important techniques, you will be able to take the test for the DMV Road Test Waiver which can be redeemed for a motorcycle license! Bring your own street-legal motorcycle or scooter or borrow one from us!

Course Highlights:

1. "ePackage 2 eCourse (4hr)": is a free online course that must be completed at home prior to the first day of the course. Instructions on how to access the "ePackage 2 eCourse (4hr)" eCourse will be emailed to you after you register for the course. For more details:
2. Training Hours: 6 hours of training on our practice range at a MSS location!
3. DMV Road Test Waiver Card: Students must successfully pass a skills exam. If you don't pass the skills test on the first try, you will be allowed to take 1 free retest. However, please note that DMV regulations require individuals who fail the skills retest to retake the entire course.
*If English is not your first language, you can bring a translator and we also have tests and workbooks available in Spanish.
4. DMV Waiver Card Redemption: After successful course completion, graduates present the following valid documents to receive the M-motorcycle endorsement on their New York State Driver's License:
5. MSS Graduates: MSS course graduates receive special offers at our Graduate Discounts page!
Requirements: .
  • Must have a valid New York State Driver's License *The New York DMV only accepts a NY Driver's License. Tuition is forfeited without proper documentation so please confirm regulations
  • Must have a valid NYS Motorcycle Permit: This is required on the 1st day.
  • Note: The online class 'M' permit test is not valid until the actual permit/interim permit is picked up at the DMV.
  • Must successfully complete the online "ePackage 2 eCourse (4hr)"
  • Proper Skill Level: You must be able to successfully do tight turns, u-turns, figure 8's and circles on a motorcycle before taking the course and have more than 30 hours of riding experience, including 10 hours of practice in medium to high volume traffic. If you do not have the proper skill level to participate in the course, you will forfeit your tuition.
  • Must wear Proper Riding Gear
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
Locations: Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn
Lehman College, Bronx
College of Staten Island
West Seneca
Niagara County Community College
Jamestown Community College
Cost: New York City: $346
Western New York: $270
Schedule: This course consists of a 4-hour online eCourse that must be completed at home and will be sent to you within 30 days of your course start date. The schedule for the 6 hours of training at an MSS site is as follows: 7:00AM to 1:00PM
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