MSF 3-Wheel Basic RiderCourse

Early Bird pricing $99 until April 30th 2023! Then tuition increases to $199!

The fast track to get your restricted 3-wheel motorcycle license! This 2-day course allows students to learn on a Can Am Ryker 3-wheeler. During the course, you will learn skills such as straight-line riding, stopping, shifting, turning and swerving. At the end of the course, students then take the tests for the DMV Road Test Waiver to receive the 3W-restricted motorcycle license! We provide everything that you will need to take the course from a 3-wheel vehicle that has an intuitive twist-and-go transmission with a Rotax 600 ACE engine to a helmet!

Please note: This is a restricted vehicle license that certifies you to drive a 3-Wheeled vehicle, not a motorcycle or scooter. If you have an M endorsement already, you are certified to operate a 3-Wheeled vehicle.

This course consists of:
1. Training Hours: 16 hours at an MSS location with 8 hours of classroom instruction from the Rider Handbook and 8 hours of learning to ride a 3-Wheel vehicle on our practice range!
2. DMV Road Test Waiver Card: To receive the DMV Road Test Waiver card, students must successfully pass both a knowledge and skills exam. If you don't pass either the knowledge or skills test on the first try, you will be allowed to take 1 free retest of each. However, please note that DMV regulations require individuals who fail either a knowledge or skills retest to retake the entire course. *If English is not your first language, you can bring a translator and we also have tests and workbooks available in Spanish.
3. DMV Road Test Waiver card redemption! Head to your local DMV and present your New York State Driver's License, Motorcycle Permit (or take the test now if you don't have it!) and the DMV Road Test waiver card. With these 3 valid documents and a fee depending on your license class, the DMV will give you the 3W-restricted M endorsement on your license and you're free to hit the road!
4. MSS Graduates: Receive special offers at our Course Graduate Discounts page!
Requirements: Course Requirements:
Valid New York State Driver's License*
Must be able to ride a bicycle
Wear Proper Riding Gear
*If you are a Junior Operator license holder, you cannot take this course. You must be 18 years of age or older to take the course
If you have an Out-of-State license holder, please confirm that the state which issued your license will accept New York State waiver cards. We don't want you to take the course if you won't be able to ride a motorcycle in your state!

Students must watch the following safety videos in advance of the 3-wheel course:
BRP REP Safety Video
Can-Am On-Road // Safety Video

DMV Waiver Card Redemption Requirements:
After successful course completion, graduates present the following valid documents to receive the 3W-restricted M endorsement on their New York State driver's license:
Valid New York State Driver's License
DMV Road Test Waiver
Valid NYS Motorcycle Permit Please note that you can take the test to receive the motorcycle permit after you have completed the Basic RiderCourse with MSS. You can take the permit test on the same day that you are looking to turn in all the documents to the DMV, but make sure you take the permit test first!
Locations: Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn
West Seneca
Cost: New York City: $99
Western New York: $99
Schedule: This class consists of 8 hours of classroom instruction and 8 hours of practical training on a 3-wheel vehicle. The course is conducted over two days and the schedule is 8:30AM to 6:00PM each day.
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