Motorcycling 101

Do you want to find out why motorcycling is FUN? Or prepare for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (“MSF”) Basic RiderCourse? This is the way to start!

This 2-hour introductory course covers the basics of motorcycling from what type of gear to wear to straight-line riding. Students begin the introductory course by reviewing the appropriate type of clothing and protective equipment to wear while on a motorcycle. Once you are properly attired, it’s time to get some hands-on motorcycle (or scooter) training! The first step in the hands-on part of the course is to learn how to locate and use each of the key controls. Students then move on to basic operation of the motorcycle and finish with straight-line riding. You will be riding in this course! There is no driver’s license or motorcycle permit requirement for this introductory course and up to 6 students can be enrolled in a class.

**If you are only interested in MSF Basic RiderCourse:
Please note that MSS does not guarantee that each student will be able to learn how to properly ride a motorcycle within the allotted timeframe of the MSF Basic RiderCourse as everyone learns at their pace. For this reason, instructors recommend students have some familiarity with motorcycles before enrolling in the MSF Basic RiderCourse to insure the best possible learning experience. Motorcycling 101 or Private Lessons are both good options to help prepare for the MSF Basic RiderCourse. Students who have some level of familiarity with motorcycles before taking the MSF Basic RiderCourse generally are more satisfied with their learning experience. These students are also less likely to fail or be counseled out of the course, which results in the automatic loss of the course tuition.

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Must be able to ride a bicycle
Must wear Proper Riding Gear
Must be 18 years of age or older

Locations: Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn
Lehman College, Bronx
College of Staten Island
Ulster Community College
West Seneca
Niagara County Community College
Jamestown Community College
Cost: New York City: $90
Ulster County: $80
Western New York: $80
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