Omar Hasan Ali Omar Hasan Ali
I was born in Trinidad and raised in Staten Island where I currently reside. I have always enjoyed riding bicycles and wanted to experience the thrill and fun of riding motorcycles. Being an instructor allows me to teach people how to safely ride and share my excitement for the hobby at the same time.
Rich Derevensky Rich Derevensky
I live in Montgomery, NY and I have been riding for 29 years. I started motorcycling when I realized it would be more fun to ride to work instead of driving. As an instructor, I get to share my experience and meet new people while doing it.
Johan Hedlund Johan Hedlund
I was born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden, and I have been riding since 1978. Being an instructor enables me to communicate and share my positive experience with others while enhancing my own riding ability.
Jason Hernandez Jason Hernandez
I was born and raised in Bronx, NY, and got into riding 10 years ago when I was looking for an alternate form of transportation to and from work. All of a sudden, it became a passion for the art of riding. I love being an instructor because of the feeling I get every time a student comes back on their own bike to let us know how they are.
Jeffery m Jenkins Jeffery m Jenkins
I took the MSF Basic RiderCourse in 2007 with MSS in the Bronx, bought my first bike a month later, and have been riding ever since. Motorcycle culture always attracted me, but being a parent of three, I put a hold that lifestyle on hold. Being a RiderCoach allows me to interact with and share my gift so that others can also enjoy motorcycles.
Raymond Lopez Raymond Lopez
I was born and raised in Brooklyn and have been riding since 1983. As a kid, I was always fascinated by motorcycles, so as soon as I was able to, I learned to ride. One of the most rewarding aspects of being an instructor is watching a student's development and progress. Whether its during a private lesson or the MSF Basic RiderCourse, the moment when a student "gets it" is gratifying.
BettyRae Lorenz BettyRae Lorenz
I live in West Shokan, NY, and have been riding for 44 years. My interest in motorcycles began at an early age because I thought it would be something exciting to do. I love being a RiderCoach and sharing the opportunity to ride with others.
Preston Olivo Preston Olivo
As a child, I was mesmerized by the sound, smell, look, and feel of motorcycles. I started riding 12 years ago and my experience is almost solely derived from sport bikes, both on the road and on the track. MSS provides me with the opportunity to share the positive experiences and advice that I've received over the years with newer riders. As a RiderCoach, I've combined my love of teaching with my love of motorcycles.
Cindy Pope Cindy Pope
I currently live in the Buffalo, NY, but I'm originally from Somerville, MA. 29 years ago I was introduced to motorcycling by a close friend and have been riding ever since. Seeing people who've been riding for a while learn new skills in our courses makes me love my job.
Kenneth Punnett Kenneth Punnett
I have been riding for 27 years, and live in West Falls, NY. I was thrilled to be a passenger on a friend's bike and wanted to feel that freedom everyday! As an instructor, I enjoy guiding students through the skills acquired in MSF courses and watching them progress - whether they are new or experienced riders.
Joel Scott Samuel Joel Scott Samuel
I live in Queens and have been a motorcycle enthusiast since 1976. After taking the BRC at MSS, I decided to become a Rider Coach and pass on the great safety skills that continue to benefit me!
Brett Schaffrick Brett Schaffrick
I live in Kingston, NY, and I have been riding motorcycles for 15 years, 5 of which I've spent as an instructor. I enjoy the smiles of people who learn to ride for the first time and the "bulb" that goes off when more experienced students learn new techniques. I am always looking forward to welcoming people to the exciting world of motorcycling.
James Walsh James Walsh
I began riding when I was a teenager and have loved it ever since. I've taken 3,000 mile trips and simple trips to the grocery store, but I was always on my bike. As an instructor, I get a chance to teach others how to ride safely and enjoy it as much as I can.