Inclement Weather Policy

Motorcycling is an outdoor activity and MSS provides instruction occurs in all weather conditions. Please plan accordingly.
  1. Students must be prepared to ride in all weather conditions, including rain!
    • Rain gear is available to purchase for $20 on location
  2. If there are severe weather conditions that create an unsafe environment, the instructors will decide the day of the course if cancellation his necessary. The decision is not made in advance as there can be rain delays and the course is still completed
  3. In cold weather, dress with extra layers such as long-johns, thermal shirts, thermal hat and thick socks to stay warm.
  4. In warm weather, STAYING HYDRATED IS KEY!
    • Drink water during every break between each exercise. Even if you do not feel thirsty!!
    • Bring 1 gallon of water per day of the course on high heat days!
    • Bring sunglasses and wear sunscreen.