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Omar Ali
My name is Omar Ali. I was born in Trinidad and raised in Staten Island where i currently reside. I have always enjoyed riding bicycles and wanted to experience the thrill and fun of riding motorcycles. I like being an instructor because it allows me to safely teach people how to ride and at the same time share my experience of the excitement I had when I first started riding.

Tahir Ali
My name is Tahir Ali and I live in Brooklyn NY. I have been riding for 22 years and got into motorcycling at a very young age. I love being an instructor because it gives me the opportunity to help people learn how to ride safely and hopefully save some lives.

John Peter Cruz
My name is John Cruz. I live in Queens NY and I have been riding for 6 years. I was instrudced to mrotorcycling due to the high gas prices and thought this would be the econimcal and fun way to commute. I like working with new riders. i enjoy meeting new people, seeing them progress, and know we are helping them ride safe while having a good time

Frederick Cohane
My name is Fred Cohane. I live in Tarrytown NY and I have been riding for more than 30 years. I started riding at age 14 on back roads upstate NY and I knew from the beginning this was one of the best experiences there is and would never stop riding! It gives me great pleasure to help others learn and making sure they learn correctly and safely!

Joseph DejesusMy name is Joe Dejesus and I was born and raised in NYC. : Growing up, I was always riding my bicycle. When the opportunity to learn how to ride a motorcycle presented itself, I took advantage of it and have been riding ever since. One of the aspects of being an Instructor/RiderCoach that I enjoy is seeing the progression participants make as they gain skill and confidence while navigating the range exercises of the Basic Rider Course.

Richard Derevensky
My name is Rich Derevensky. I live in Montgomery NY and I have been riding for 29 years. I started motorcycling when I realized it would be more fun to ride to work instead of driving. When I started out, I wished I had someone to help me learn. As an instructor, I now get to share my experience and meet new people while doing it.

Ray Lopez
Ray has been riding motorcycles since 1983 and received his license in 1987. He’s had various bikes throughout the years and currently has a 2008 CBR1000. He became a private lesson instructor in 2003 and became a MSF RiderCoach in April 2004.

Cindy Pope
My name is Cindy Pope and I have been riding for 28 years  I currently  live in the Buffalo, NY but originally from Somerville, MA. I was introduced to motorcycling through a close friend and have been riding very since.   I love seeing people learn how to ride or learn new skills if they’ve been riding awhile.




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