Experienced Rider

If you already know how to ride but would like to either get licensed or refresh your skills, these are the courses for you! If you are an experienced rider comfortable doing circles and figure 8's on a motorcycle and possess a New York State Driver’s license and motorcycle permit, then you should seriously consider the MSF Basic RiderCourse 2 – License Waiver. This course consist of a 4-hour "ePackage 2" virtual eCourse and 6 hours of practical training at a MSS location. This is a great alternative to the DMV Road Test! If you are looking to refresh and brush up on your skills, enroll in either Private Lessons or the MSF Basic RiderCourse 2 - Skills Practice.

Looking for a Refresher?
Private Lessons - Personalized instruction tailored to help you learn at your own pace.

MSF Basic RiderCourse 2 - Skills Practice - Refresh and fine-tune your safety skills on your own motorcycle (or ours) while also getting a discount on your insurance!

Looking to get Licensed?
MSF Basic RiderCourse 2 – License Waiver - Are you comfortable making tight turns, circles, figure 8's, and U-turns? Do you have at least 30 hours of practice on a motorcycle of which at least 10 hours are in medium to high volume traffic? If the answer is yes, take this experienced course to get on the FAST TRACK to your motorcycle license!