Motorcycle Permit Information

A New York resident must have a motorcycle license or motorcycle learner’s permit to operate a motorcycle or scooter. To obtain a motorcycle permit, students must pass a 20 question multiple choice test taken at a DMV office. The test will include both motorcycle and roadway questions.

Attention Scooter Riders! Any motorized vehicle with two wheels that can go faster than 30 mph must be operated by a driver with a motorcycle license (regardless of engine size). If you want, you can use a scooter to take the Basic RiderCourse or a DMV Road Test.

Does the course still take place in the rain?
How do I become eligible for the optional road test waiver?
What do I have to bring?
Do I have to take the course in sequence?
How can I register?
How long does it take to get to Mott Haven, Bronx from Manhattan?
Are all parts of the course held at Mott Haven, Bronx or Ulster Community College?
What is the Basic Rider Course schedule?
How do I get a motorcycle permit?
Do I get my license at the end of the course?
How much does the course cost?
What if I fail the knowledge test and/or the skill evaluation?
What kind of bikes do you learn on?
Do I need to know how to ride a bicycle?
Is there a height requirement to take the BRC?