Motorcycle Safety Month

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May 8, 2020
May is Motorcycle Safety Month
Increasing Awareness of Motorcycle Riders

BROOKLYN, NY- Every year, Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month promotes safe riding practices nationwide by serving as a friendly reminder to “share the road,” not the lane. As we strive to increase the awareness of motorcyclists on the road, now is­ an opportune time for riders to embrace their motorcycles and for new riders to become acquainted with motorcycling as a social distancing activity.

The New York State Motorcycle Safety Program utilizes Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) curriculum for rider education. This includes the MSF Basic RiderCourse for new or returning riders and the Basic RiderCourse 2 – License Waiver for experienced riders who want to earn their motorcycle license. “In 2019, more than 17,000 new students were taught how to ride a motorcycle” according to Program Manager, Ben Zadrozny. “When training sites are able to re-open, New York residents will have the option to fast track the motorcycle license process – from training to testing all at one location.”

Motorcycle Safety School taught over 7,000 new riders in 2019 and according to the Department of Motor Vehicles, there are currently 775,000 registered motorcyclists in New York. “Our classes will maintain social distancing requirements when we reopen,” stated Diane Howells, President of Motorcycle Safety School. “Additionally, all students will be required to bring their own helmets and protective gear while each class will be limited to six students.”

As New York State slowly begins to open county by county, there are best practices to be safe while maintaining social distancing such as to ride a loop that starts and ends at home, or when the time comes, commute to work in an effort to avoid alternative transportation options.

A free Motorcycling 101 course is offered to any interested publication that would like to write about their experience during the course. To redeem this offer or to inquire about more information, please contact Victoria Catalano at [email protected] or by phone (718) 599-1079.